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THE ETHEREAL UNIVERSE is a sci-fi action-adventure allegory, an epic tale of a digital universe created to save just one girl.

When a seed spaceship meant to repopulate the universe with humans, is corrupted, and becomes sentient, he asks four people for help.

A missionary, a mercenary, a planet-builder and A princess meet their maker, humanity’s last creation, a supercomputer spaceship who calls himself Kubernao. And their mission is much more than simply saving all of humanity.

FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS, she roamed enshrouded in the shadows of her black hood, cloaked in doubt yet determined to know how she’d become immortal, and why.

            ‘Immortality,’ Mynah mumbled, ‘sounds pretty sweet until you live it every day.’

            Like the grim reaper of lost humanity’s lore, she saw only death from the tunnel of her heavy hood. It was not her prize, this planet. It was her damnation. ‘And a more Sisyphean burden I could not imagine.’

            The ripple of dunes all around her were pocked with holes. The Sahara Desert, in the place she knew the last AI on Earth to be, she could only keep digging as each hole filled in again with the increasing winds.

            ‘Crap!’ Mynah crouched in another hole in the sands of the desert, ‘It was here!’

            She spoke to no one but time. Time, which rent all things apart yet neglected her.

            The moment she stomped the thousandth dry hole she’d dug, a sudden gush of sand slipped down and away to expose a hole.

            ‘The sand flows!’ Mynah felt like she was in an hourglass, and it had just been tipped over.

            Digging, hammering her heel down into the hole, she found the rusted-out hatch.

            ‘Woooo!’ She hollered to the empty world, ‘Woo yeah, baby!’

            The Cave of Gadoufaoua was open.

            Mynah had found what she was searching for.

            She tore the iron hatch off its hinges, hucking it fifty yards over her head, not aware in any way she was about to lose the strength to do that.

            She slid down into the hole, landing on the pile of sand formed into a pyramid.

            The hourglass began in Earth, and ended in a computer. And however unnatural it was, in the place Mynah was made immortal centuries ago, she was about to be made mortal.

            The cave was as unnatural as it gets, a concrete facility like a large bunker, housing a server that contained all the history and data humanity ever made.

            She could see, though it was dark as a moonless night. She could feel the life of the computer, though it made no noise. She could understand the complex technological circuitry because, well, because she just did.

            But the computer would not respond.

            Mynah had a moment of real vulnerability. She had been searching for this place for so long she feared what would come next.

            ‘I’m not scared,’ she muttered as she found another hatch leading down to the reactor, ‘I just survive.’

            Mynah opened the reactor hatch ...



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