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an epic series

REVEL AWOKE in her father’s dome-tent dreaming of escape to a world beyond the cloud-wall, a world her people said could not possibly exist.

            She shivered in the damp cold of the gray dawn, feeling as though even her bones were cold. Still fresh in her mind-eye was the sweet dream of a clean perfect place where you stay dry in the rain and never have to kill for food. What a magical place that would be. In her dream, the place was called a city.

            Wrapping herself in a wildbeast skin, Revel walked down to the brim of the crater near the little river of their encampment to watch her father’s hunting games. Her father, the terrible alpha hunter Magna, seemed never to stop those hunting games.

            Before she walked out to the hunting grounds, Revel was hailed to stream-side to be with the women making wares of clay.

            ‘Scrub old bowls, or make new ones,’ Mother Hekle called to Revel. ‘The choice shall be yours. You are not part of the hunt, Wayward One.’

            The women laughed with Mother Hekle. Even Revel’s mother, Rhapsode, laughed at her own daughter.

            Revel bit her tongue, dropped her eyes, and continued molding the same brittle bowls for bone soup she made every single day.

            ‘Willim!’ Revel shouted soft at her best friend, who sat upon the high lip of the Brim watching the hunting games, ‘Pssht! Willim! Come walking with me to the ledge in the distance! I imagine I have seen activity there!’

            ‘Shah, do not imagine!’ Rhapsode stomped over to her daughter, pushing Revel in the way of harvesting long grasses that grew along the babbling waters of the stream, ‘Shah, Revel! Speak not unless you ask for more chores. We do not survive the cold seasons with meat alone, as much as Magna thinks he can. We must make the home for the beast, to thaw the beast from him. You know this lore, for it is our people’s foremost belief.’

            Cold, wet, caked in the red clay of the only land she’d ever known, Revel knew she would never be satisfied if she never tried to discover the strange world she dreamed of.

            There was only one problem. She had to leave home to do that. But she did not believe she could leave her hilarious friends behind.

            ‘Pssht!’ Milo was right in her ear, ‘Psssht!’

            Revel tried not to laugh at Milo’s silly face, ‘Tell your twin to be off and away, Rima.’

            ‘Just ignore him,’ Rima said. ‘He’s like a fly, swatting just encourages him.’

            ‘Off with you I shiver to go, sister,’ Milo chattered his teeth in half-false fear, ‘to the ginormous cloud-wall and the terrible terrors hiding within it. That’s all the wise women speak of, endless danger… when all we see is peace.’

            ‘Aye! What terrible terrors do we know to be in the cloud-wall?’ Revel was defiant, ‘Pastoran myths are never tested to be seen true, so why don’t we test them? I won’t be victim to bottomless fear.’

            ‘How dare you call it bottomless fear?’ Milo laughed, ‘My fear has a big bottom.’

            ‘Why listen to the common man,’ Rima pushed Milo out of the way, ‘when we can listen to Miranova?’

            ‘Why would I not listen to the common man?’ Milo answered, ‘It is the common man who reproduces most, so he has the right ideas to speak of.’

            ‘Yuck, brother. You have no wisdom to speak of… yet you make a fair enough point.’

            ‘Kazi,’ Revel asked her mighty friend, ‘do you want to go to the cliff-ledge to see the place where the rising riverwaters spill?’

            Kazi, who relished the hunting games most for the sense of adventure they provided, thumped her spear on the ground, ‘Forever have I wanted to go!’

            With mighty Kazi behind them ...



The STRANGE LOOP SERIES blends fantasy and sci-fi to tell a truly breathtaking tale of friendship, sacrifice, magic and mad science.


Ancient myths say Miranova started civilization, created all we have on this alien planet, and she's the only one to link the ends of the Red Circle. But does that mean she is creating and destroying all civilization on the strange world? If it's even possible, she can't do it alone.


The STRANGE LOOP SERIES follows four friends on an adventure around an alien planet to help a woman who fell from space into their pastoral fantasy land. With their faithful coyotes, they strike across wild alien lands discovering stunning wonders and meeting epic hardships with mighty feats of strength and wit to stay on their wild path.

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